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Take a look at some of the stories that showcased the university's impact in 2007. Full story

SDSU responds

Jackson directed the SDSU art department for 30 years and is believed to be the region’s first Modernist painter. Full story

SDSU responds

A psychology professor spins off innovative eye-tracking research into lucrative company. Full story

SDSU responds

SDSU's "water warrior" joins the fight. Full story

SDSU responds

When October wildfires burned homes and displaced a third of county residents, faculty, staff and students were quick to offer help. Full story

The Changing Face of Engineering

San Diego State University reflects an industry in transition. Full story

The Big One

The SDSU Guardian Scholars program provides scholarships and support services. Full story

The Big One

SDSU seismologists create video simulations that show how a 7.5 magnitude quake would unfold. Full story

KPBS Outreach

The station promotes tolerance in San Diego through outreach. Full story

Chicano Park

SDSU documents the Mexican immigrant experience. Full story

Dead Sea Scrolls

SDSU scholar curates exhibit that sheds light on the links between modern Judaism and Christianity. Full story

Potter Perspectives

SDSU experts delve into the magical world of children's literature. Full story

Timeless Tales

Dedicated SDSU alumnae have kept alive an unusual book club for more than 40 years. Read more

Red, Black and Green

Faculty, staff and students collaborate to minimize the university's footprint. Full story

Germ Hunters

SDSU microbiologists identify bacteria that could one day speed food production, biofuel creation and vaccine development. Full story

The Great Unknown

San Diego State University's Special Collections solve old mysteries by going digital. Full story

Up in Smoke

SDSU researchers examine the link between smoking and earning power. Full story

Primetime America

TV has become a partner — and sometimes a catalyst — in the discussion of major political and social issues. Full story


Beyond the Norm

SDSU's School of Teacher Education keeps SDSU’s original mission alive in changing times. Full story


Time on the Inside: the reality of prison

Paul Sutton has been taking San Diego State University students to prison for 24 years. Full story


Sea Change: Reversing Threats to Coral Reefs

San Diego State University researches turn the tide on coral decline. Full story


Associated Students turns 75

The student body organization has produced an impressive group of student leaders. Full story



SDSU trains entrepreneurs to define success on their own terms. Full story


Martin Luther King in the classroom

King’s work is taught in the history, religious studies, Africana studies, sociology, political science, English and philosophy departments, just to name a few. Full story


Tips for staying healthy

San Diego State University's experts have these tips for getting (and staying) healthy in 2007. Full story







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