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Undergraduate Studies
The PLF’s support enabled the Division of Undergraduate Studies to recruit Dr. Christopher Frost as associate dean. Dr. Frost, who has many years of experience with university honors programs, was critical in helping establish the Honors College at SDSU in 2006, and he continues to create new ways to enrich the undergraduate experience for students.
Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)
Since 2003, NCAA member colleges and universities have adopted a comprehensive reform package designed to improve the academic success and graduation rates of all student-athletes. With The PLF’s support, SDSU’s Student-Athlete Academic Support Services (SAASS) will add qualitative and quantitative eligibility reform requirements to those already monitored by SDSU’s Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS). The mission of this project is to creatively harness the full potential of existing SDSU resources, thereby improving the efficiency and accuracy with which SAASS secures NCAA eligibility and dramatically enhancing student-athlete academic performance.
CSTV launched a partnership with the Mountain West Conference in fall 2006 called The Mountain West Sports Network. This collaboration offered each campus the opportunity to run 15 and 30 second TV spots promoting their institution.

SDSU Marketing & Communications teamed up with KPBS Production Services to produce two new institutional spots for use on CSTV that could also be adapted for use during SDSU Month 2007. These spots conveyed SDSU’s excellence as well as our ability to inspire bright minds. They reached a broad audience and helped to position SDSU-- encouraging individual donors, alumni, students, faculty and parents to take another look at the tremendous work being done at this university.
President’s Management Program
The Center of Human Resources has created the President’s Management Development Program to further the consistency and quality of management skills in SDSU’s constantly changing environment. By participating in sessions, such as Financial Management, Building a Successful Team, Employee Practices and Diversity Awareness, managers will be better able to address the many responsibilities required to fulfill SDSU’s unique and valuable mission. The first series of classes were full, and demand remains high.
In 2004, QUALCOMM Incorporated gave the largest corporate gift in our university's history to fund the QUALCOMM Instittute for Innovation and Educational Success as SDSU. A portion of this gift was directed to The President's Leadership Fund. Investments made by The PLF from QUALCOMM's support enable President Weber to fund initiatives that complement the goals of the Institute and support other university priorities and activities.
KURS: College Bound San Diego Educational Hour
Concerned Parents Alliance and College Bound San Diego reach San Diego’s African American and other traditionally underrepresented communities. This program will include nine 60-minute programs featuring various San Diego State spokespersons who will educate listeners about the opportunities available at SDSU.
Native American Youth Empowerment Conference
The Department of American Indian Studies and the Native American Student Alliance jointly host an annual Native American Youth Empowerment conference, a one-day event brings Indian high school students to SDSU to explore the university campus and attend workshops. Funding from The PLF will support activities that encourage these students to consider pursuing a college education.
CSUPERB: CSU Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology
A partnership between SDSU, CSU San Marcos and CSUPERB will increase awareness of our commitment to training the biotech workforce for the San Diego region. Funding provided will place us on the 2007 Biotech Beach Hotbed Map put out by Biospace, the largest online information resource for Life Science Companies. Our inclusion will lead to increased employment of SDSU graduates at both the B.S. and M.S. levels as well as supporting private gifts to our biotech research institutes.
Business – Higher Education Forum
The Business-Higher Education Forum is an independent, non-profit membership organization of leaders from U.S. businesses, colleges and universities and foundations. The Forum's mission is to engage and inform members, policy makers and the public regarding, high priority, strategic, national challenges facing business and higher education, and to help shape sound policy to address these challenges. PLF funds supported SDSU's participation in the Forum.

CONNECT is a public benefits organization fostering entrepreneurship in the San Diego region by catalyzing, accelerating and supporting the growth of the most promising technology and life sciences businesses. As part of UCSD, it provides value and delivers targeted, high-level expertise to the technology business community by teaming up with the region's most prominent industry-specific organizations and individuals.

Diversity Gala 2006
The Diversity Gala is an annual inaugural event that honors the many faces of SDSU and this year's 12 outstanding SDSU President's Diversity scholarship recipients. These recipients are local low-income, high achieving students entering SDSU this fall. PLF Funding is supporting planning activities in preparation for the event.

College Bound Educational Hour (KURS)
Concerned Parents Alliance and College Bound San Diego help to ensure all children are safe, appreciated, valued and have access to a quality education. Together, they host a weekly radio show to discuss issues involved in realizing. San Diego State participated in eight, 60 minute radio programs in 2005. The PLF funded this effort along with thirty, 30-second radio ads run concurrently on KURS/1040AM.
Kyoto Laureate Symposium
The Kyoto Prize is Japan 's highest private award for lifetime achievement. SDSU participated in this prestigious symposium for the second year in 2005. The PLF provided funding to supply the communications equipment and technical support required for SDSU's involement.
SDSU Month Ads
PLF funds allowed SDSU to run promotional ads for SDSU Month, a strategic, annual initiative of SDSU, during the 2006 Olympic Games. The TV spot focused on SDSU's international efforts during a time of high visibility. This opportunity provided enhanced visibility for SDSU Month's launch.


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